When it comes time to sell your home, there are four common mistakes you should avoid. Steering clear of these missteps will help you achieve a more effective selling experience.

1. Overpricing your house. We’re in a strong seller’s market right now, so you don’t need to inflate your list price in order to earn top dollar. In fact, overpricing can actually deter buyers from submitting an offer on your home. The right price will bring maximum exposure to your listing. Within the first 14 days of your home going live on the market, you should have at least 10 showings scheduled and have at least one or two offers. If this happens, it means your pricing was right on target.

2. Picking the wrong agent. A good agent must be considerate, but they must also be honest. They must be able to speak candidly with you about what you can realistically expect to earn from your home in today’s market.

“If you know a faucet is leaking, for example, don’t leave the problem to get worse.”

3. Failing to make simple repairs. If you know a faucet is leaking, for example, don’t leave the problem to get worse. It’s best to take care of simple repair items as soon as possible. Otherwise, the issues may be called out during the inspection or may negatively impact the appraisal process. Making these small fixes prior to the marketing, listing, and selling process will help sellers avoid potential pitfalls.

4. Neglecting to declutter and depersonalize your home. Buyers want to be able to envision themselves living in your property. Your family photos may be beautiful, but they could make it difficult for potential buyers to imagine the property as their future home.

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