These are my three top tips for how to prepare your home for a future sale.

If you’re considering selling next spring, planning ahead will help you sell quickly and for top dollar. Here are three key tips to help you prepare for a future sale:

1. Take photos now. Right now, everything is still green and lush outside; in the spring, there could still be snow and dead grass areas around your home. Now is the time to take photos of your home’s exterior. This way, your photos will look great whenever you’re ready to list. 

2. Declutter and depersonalize. Doing this soon will keep you from rushing later and stressing over what to do with all those extra items that won’t show well. I can help you go room by room and decide what should be removed or repositioned. 

“Now is the time to take photos of your house’s exterior.”

3. Think about where you’re moving. The buying process isn’t necessarily going to proceed quickly, so now is the time to decide where you want to move and perhaps what type of property you’re looking for.

If you have any questions or want more information, please reach out via phone or email. I’d be glad to go over listing plans with you now (pricing may be different when spring comes, so we can go over that later). I look forward to speaking with you soon.