Here are a few tips to help you maintain the cracks in your concrete.

Concrete is a common material used in construction, but many contractors don’t understand control joints, or the grooves that you see on concrete slabs. Concrete shrinks as it cures, and these control joints regulate where those cracks form. Many garage floors end up cracking because the contractors failed to put in these joints. 

Cracks aren’t necessarily a bad thing; concrete needs to crack to allow for expansion and contraction. But if you see cracks forming, they need to be maintained. Ken Justice from KMJ Inc. is a concrete expert, and he’s here today to share his tips for maintaining the cracks that form in your concrete.

“Make sure that your winter sidewalk salt doesn’t contain magnesium, which can destroy concrete.”

You can seal any cracks you find with silicone grout. That way, as the slab expands and shrinks, debris, water, and other materials won’t settle in the cracks. Over time, that could cause the concrete to chip.

When it comes to your driveway and other sidewalks, be careful about what materials you use in the winter to prevent ice buildup. When you buy bags of salt that is labeled as safe for concrete, always ensure that it doesn’t contain magnesium, which can destroy concrete.

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