How to know if your uneven floors are normal or the result of damage.

Uneven floors can be inconvenient, but its presence doesn’t necessarily mean the house is falling down. Today I’m back once again with my special guest Ken Justice, an expert on all things related to home engineering, for a quick word about what to look for when you discover your floor is uneven.

Houses are like people—they get wrinkles as they age, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with them. (Too bad we don’t have Botox for floor wrinkles, though!) While slanting floors could be a symptom of structural issues, it’s almost always just a result of the house settling with age. However, if there are wide cracks in the wall near where the floors are uneven, or if you can feel yourself bouncing on the floor as you walk on it, that is evidence of a larger problem you may need to hire a contractor to inspect.

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