These are the five things you should know when hiring a listing agent.

The days of putting your for-sale sign in your yard and getting a herd of hungry buyers ready to give away their firstborn children the next day to win a house is over. I’m joking, but kidding aside, it’s still a great time to list your house since inventory is low and values are up. 

However, the increase in rates and inflation has started to level the playing field for buyers, which means contingencies are becoming more common. Who you hire as your listing agent is now critical. To help with your search for a listing agent, here are a few things you should know:

  1. Focus on the agent, not the brokerage. Agents are independent contractors and not employees. The quality of service is dependent on the agent that you’re hiring. 
  2. Remember to ask a lot of questions. You want to get to know your agent and the industry knowledge that they have. How are they with communications? Will they give you constant feedback?
  3. Hire an agent with solid connections. Inspections are now back. If a repair or a defect turned out on a report, this does not always mean that it’s valid or as severe as it might sound. It’s the agent’s job to call specialists such as the roofer, HVAC, electrician, or engineer, and have them immediately negate or get real quotes on that inspection report.
    “The right agent is dedicated to making the process seamless, no matter how minuscule the task may be.”
  4. Call for references. Agents will work with a plethora of people. You can always ask for references to measure the quality and experience of the agent before signing a listing contract. 
  5. Make sure your agent has the right values. No job is too small. Values such as humility, punctuality, straightforwardness, flexibility, and creativity are qualities you want to look for when meeting an agent. They need to be dedicated to making your process seamless, no matter how minuscule the task might be.

If you need help to navigate the home selling process, and net you the most amount of money in the shortest time frame, call or email me. I’m always happy to help!