How to determine when it’s the right time to make a move in real estate.

Are you wondering if now is the right time to buy and/or sell a home? This market is tricky, so we’re here to provide some clarity. 

Over the years, we’ve found that there isn’t one time that’s right to buy, it just depends on when is best for you and your specific situation. We invested in real estate back in 2003, and it felt like the property was very expensive at the time, but now that home is worth at least four times more. We don’t regret any of the real estate purchases we have ever made. 

What’s the worst thing that could happen? We believe that would be saying “I should’ve.” You don’t want to live with regrets, saying you should’ve purchased then, or should’ve done this, or should’ve been there. Therefore, the mentality we encourage you to have is to marry the house and date the rate. Find your dream home, and rates can be adjusted later on. 

If you have any questions or want our advice for your specific situation, call or email us anytime! We would love to hear from you and help you in any way that we can.