How to spot and solve the water problems of your home’s foundation.

In Ken’s words, our moisture-laden soil in Pennsylvania will often cause problems in basements. If you have a block foundation, it may be bowing or have horizontal cracks. You might see water stains, active water flow, or white flakes. In concrete foundations, you want to watch out for bowing, vertical cracks, and water stains.

All of those are signs of water pressure behind your foundation. The water is looking for somewhere to go, and it’s exerting a ton of pressure on your foundation. Your home won’t fall down, but you need to relieve that pressure. 

You can do that by drilling a six-inch hole in your floor and installing an enclosed waterproofing system that goes through a sump pump and a wet well. This will relieve the pressure behind the wall, stop the cracking, and solve the problem.

“If you have a water problem, fix it sooner rather than later.”

There are dozens of qualified waterproofers in the area who can do this work, but Ken suggests you have an engineer take a look at it first to make sure nothing else is wrong. If you realize you have a water issue, you should take care of it as soon as you can, or it’ll cause you more problems down the road.

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